Preparing Seafood With Different Dipping Sauce


Who doesn’t love seafood with dipping sauce! Whether it’s a fish prawn, lobster, crab, or any edible aquatic animal either from freshwater or ocean creatures are always mouthwatering for humans. Apart from different seafood, there are also different methods of cooking different kinds of seafood. Some seafood is simple and steamed one and people prefer that with dipping sauce while others are fried in the oil with some extra spices

 Some are made using different sauces such as cocktails and tartare sauce which are pretty much in the demand in the seafood market. Some of the Best Seafood Sauce (น้ํา จิ้ม ซี ฟู๊ ดร เด็ด, which is the term in Thai) available in the market are specially used for cooking seafood. Seafood can be only enjoyed with the dipping sauce and you can get the real taste of seafood then.

Different Types Of Seafood Sauces

Here are some of the Best Seafood Sauce you can use while preparing the seafood in your kitchen. These sauces are pretty popular and used only with kinds of seafood

  • Cocktail Sauce

This sauce is another version of Marie rose sauce with punchier flavor but it has its flavor. It tastes savorer and tangier a bit having a multiple-layer makes it even more tanginess

  • Thousand Island Sauce

It is also known as mare rose sauce which is made up of mayo and kinds of ketchup. It is not that heavy and not flavorful either just shines the flavor of prawns after dipping into it. The sauce is specially used with prawns and it is natural with not much flavor.

  • Tartare Sauce 

It is the local seafood sauce and is available in the fish market or chip shop. You can easily get these sauces in the market as it is very common and it tastes like gherkins and capers.

  • Sweet Chili Lime Dipping Sauce

It is the sauce that is entirely different from the flavor of mayo as not everyone likes to taste mayo every time. Thus, it has some sweet and spicy flavor in it. The combination of spice and sweet is just amazing.

  • Recipe Tin Prawn Dipping Sauce

It is known as the child of tartare and Marie rose sauce prepared with chopped savory ingredients and with some fresh dill.

There are plenty of other seafood sauces and they are Spicy Thai Mango dipping sauce, Sweet and sour sauce, lemon cream sauce, creamy dill sauce, and many more.

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