Pros and Cons of Sisal Carpets


Natural products have great demand all over the world and the usage of these natural products have been in usage at homes especially. When it comes to the flooring solutions of homes where barefoot walk and children crawling is a normal practice, sisal carpets show their significance. These sisal carpets are manufactured through the vastly renewable plant materials and it is proved as the sign of sustainability and healthy lifestyles

. The basic raw material is extracted from the long agave leaves then it is further processed to give them a shape of beautiful sisal carpets.

The Pros

  • The first and foremost pros is elegant interior decoration that is considered as the most necessary element of homes. The way these sisal carpets are weaved can be placed with any type of interior décor to modify the existing theme. If you go for natural tones then white and beige are colors are very common but if you want to modernize the look then the sisal fiber can also be dyed as well. It will make your homes super fit according to the ongoing trend.
  • Most of the synthetic carpets that are available in the markets do not become a center of attraction because of their unfriendly nature. Especially the patients who remain allergic from dust and the people who have breathing problems then sisal carpets are proved as the best product that can be placed in the homes.
  • When you are willing to have the products that can last for a long time, carpets made up of sisal products are one of the best choices. Basically sisal is the strong material and it can withstand heavy foot traffic without any difficulty. Sisal is almost as the jute that’s why they are considered as long lasting carpets for homes.
  • Mostly at homes, it becomes difficult to clean the carpets but it is not the same in the case of sisal carpets. Once you bring sisal carpets in your homes then a regular vacuuming process would be enough to keep the surface clean and shiny. These carpets do not catch the much dust that comes along with shoes and slippers. Therefore, the maintenance of sisal carpets is quite economical and lower than other synthetic fibers.
  • If you feel a lot of hotness in the summer season and want to install the carpet that provides a normal atmosphere. It offers you great benefits such as reducing your electricity bills that can be a good for meeting up your personal expenses.

The Cons

  • One of the basic issues is their absorbency of water therefore, sisal carpets are not the suitable option for wet places. This is the reason that these carpets cannot be washed freely.
  • Basically the sisal alone is not usable if softness is required under the foot. For this reason wool is added with it to give the best softness and comfort for walking barefoot on it.

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