Put life in your images with correct editing


In the era of social media, images and videos are everything. This is a digital age where your entire life and portfolio is available online. If you are willing to make a good impression on the people around you, you must make sure that you are posting some awesome and beautiful pictures.

Post pictures that fit

Many times you come across images that are cut from the edges or from the top. It happens when one does not follow the rules of various social media platforms regarding the dimensions of an image. For instance, Facebook cover photos must be of a specific dimension to completely fit the rectangular cover frame.

When you encounter such problems, you are supposed to change the size and dimensions of an image. You can learn about resizing pictures for posting on social media here:

Use different backgrounds

If you keep posting pictures with the same background like your own room, it will create an impression that you lead a boring life. People like adventurous people. It is essential that you go out of your house once in a while and try various backgrounds.

Editing is everything

It cannot be emphasized much that a good editor can turn a good picture into a better one. Sometimes, even an average-looking picture can be transformed into a masterpiece.

The best way to edit an image is by editing it in the RAW format. RAW format is the format used by a digital camera when it clicks a picture. This format contains all the digital information that sometimes gets lost during the format change.

However, it is not as easy to edit RAW images as it is to edit other formats. You can learn about editing RAW images here:

With the right background and right editing, you can make any picture look alive and stunningly beautiful. People literally get impressed with an amazing picture today.

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