Reasons And Tips For Under-Eye Bags


Eye bags and eye bag surgery needs no new introduction. Everybody is found with eye bags these days. A few avoid sleeping which increases eye bags, while a few others do it unintentionally. No matter what the reasons may be, eye bags are pretty common these days. The beauty-conscious people get the cut under-eye bags (ตัด ถุง ใต้ ตา, which is the term in Thai) surgery done. Normal people with low beauty consciousness avoid them. But, eye bags aren’t just a normal issue. They are more than that.

Let’s refer a few reasons for eye bags and their consequences:

1.   Lack Of Sleep    

Youth tends to avoid sleep and watch shows on their phone in the night light which is not at all good for the eyes. People with jobs and hectic schedules try to skip sleep and work during late hours which cause pressure on the eyes.

Above are two different scenarios, but the problem and consequences will be the same. Lack of sleep causes headaches, eye swelling, insomnia, and many more.

2.   Allergies   

Eye bags and swelling can be caused due to allergies also. Allergies due to dust, pollen, pollution animal fur, and chemicals cause eye bags or puffiness. Going for cut under-eye bags surgery is not suggestible for people with allergies.

3.   Infections

Under-eye bags can also be caused due infections. Here are a few infections that cause eye bag swelling

  • Pink Eyes: Also called conjunctivitis, pink eyes cause eye swelling and puffiness.
  • Stye: Stye is also an infection taking place in the tear gland or eyelashes. This also might be a reason for puffiness.

4.   Food with Sodium

Salty meals can cause eye swelling. Due to the high concentration of salts, fluid retention takes place in the eyes leading to eye-puffiness.

5.   Aging:

The final reason for eye bags is aging. Along with the increase in age, the muscles also get weak. Particularly the eye muscles get weak and cause eye bags

6.   Smoking:

Smoking can also be a major reason for eye puffiness. So, these are the reasons for eye bags or eye swelling.

Tips To Reduce Eye Swelling

  • The first tip is to get more sleep. A person should sleep for 8 hours daily.
  • Quitting smoke is one of the best tips for those who smoke. Smoking not only causes damage to your inner parts but also to your face and exterior parts.
  • Reduce eating salty meals. Avoid high sodium concentrated food as much as possible.

Sleeping with your head raised will help in reducing under-eye bags.

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