Reasons to consult a car accident lawyer in Rockford


Hundreds of car accidents are reported in Illinois every year. Some accidents are minor bumps, while others can have grave and devastating consequences for those involved. If you were injured in such an accident, don’t be quick to assume that your injuries are not serious. Sometimes, damages and injuries are not immediately apparent. 

You may have the right to compensation 

When the accident was a result of someone’s fault, you may have the right to ask for compensation. For that, you have to inform the insurance company and file a claim with the at-fault party’s insurer. If your claim is denied, you have the option to file a personal injury lawsuit. The statute of limitations in Illinois allows a period of two years to file such lawsuits, from the date of accident. Below is an overview as to why you may want to consult a car accident lawyer in Rockford in such circumstances. 

Knowing your claim better

Just because you assume that the accident happened entirely because of the other driver’s fault, it may not be true. Even if you had a minor share of fault, your compensation may reduce accordingly, as Illinois follows the “comparative fault” rule. A skilled car accident lawyer can give you a fair overview of the case and possible outcomes. They can also guide you on your rights and things can impact your case. 

Investigating the case

The claims adjuster will do everything to reduce financial liability of the insurance company. As such, they are not your side. A car accident lawyer can help in investigating the matter, can talk to experts and doctors to know the exact nature of your injuries, and gather evidence to build your case. They will also take steps, so that the entire blame doesn’t fall on you, but that also depends on the circumstances of the case. 

Dealing with insurance companies

In most cases, if the insurance company knows that their client is at fault, their claims adjuster will contact you soon after. You may get an offer, or the claims adjuster may ask you to sign documents. Avoid getting into detailed discussions with the insurance company, because your car accident lawyer knows what it takes to negotiate professionally. Your lawyer may take an aggressive stance when needed, or can agree to an amount when the settlement looks fair. 

Ensure that the lawyer you select is available and is handling the case personally.

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