Reasons Why You Should Read the Genetic Genesis Book


The well-known creation story isn’t just a religious parable. The book of Genesis is historical documentation of the human race. Deciphering the book of genesis is quite a task that Albert E. Potts talks about in the Genetic Genesis Book. It’s a chance to learn the true meaning of the genetically engineered fabrication by ancient terrestrial beings.

About The Lost Ancient Hebrew Language 

The ancient Hebrew language is not only fascinating but also seems hidden. Thus, keeping humanity oblivious and unable to decipher the original text. In his book, Albert E. Potts does more than revealing the well-hidden truths about the book of Genesis. It’s a chance for readers to check out the translation and the ancient word examination from the original Hebrew Bible.

Alien DNA Manipulation 

The book offers intriguing details about the existence of extraterrestrial projects among the human race. It’s a chance to read about the DNA manipulation of the human ancestors as inscribed in the traditional language.

It’s a chance to enjoy an incredible reading about the historical encounter with the space-age Remesh on planet earth. It’s also a chance to go through the various mysteries introduced to the world during that time.

It’s a chance to look into the genetically modified life by Remesh. Unearthing the new-found understanding of the book of genesis is a revolutionary experience for the future.

The book shows the word-for-word translation of the human ancestors in the scriptures. Through it, you’ll also read about the detailed encounters of sophisticated DNA technologies, interspecies sexual experimentations, and in vitro fertilization.

The original Hebrew language might seem too challenging to fathom. However, there’s a simplification of the Hebrew alphabet. One can also look at the helpful phonetic chart for easier understanding.

The Response 

While some readers might find these allegations too good to seem genuine, they might seek proof of the existence. The author offers a radical approach to mankind’s prehistory. It’s also a chance to learn about different verses in the scripture that speaks about aliens. The radial proof of aliens in scriptures is intriguing to know more about the hybridized species that the extraterrestrial became fabricated via genetic engineering.

It’s through the response that one gets to learn more about a firm definition of different words. Get to check out any suffix or prefix in the book of genesis. It’s a chance to know whether the aliens repopulated the earth with alien-human DNA by deciphering a language that seemed somewhat lost.

Learning the mysteries of creation is quite intriguing. It’s time to check out the Genetic Genesis Book and discover what the author holds in mind concerning the human race’s historical information. That’s not all. It’s also a chance to discover the hidden truths about the original Hebrew language. Finding more about the book of genesis calls for more than a traditionalist approach. It calls for more than looking at the definition of the root word. It’s an opportunity to inform people about the ancient Hebrew text to bring about a better understanding.

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