Security Guard Training Courses


Security Guard Training is very important for all those involved in the Security Guard industry in New York. There are several levels of Security Guard Training, ranging from the most basic courses to the most advanced Security Guard Training courses. This general introductory course is the first training needed for people looking to become a Security Guard in New York and eventually be employed as security guards in New York State. The second level of Security Guard Training is generally for those people wishing to become reserve Security Guards in New York or on permanent assignment. This Security Guard Training includes courses such as Security Guard Intrusion Deterrence, Chemical Agents Security Guard Training, and Emergency Medical Technician Security Guard Training.

Security guard training schools are the first option for Security Guard candidates wishing to learn more about security training requirements. Security guard training schools are run by non-profit organizations that are often affiliated with the state or local government. Each Security guard training school will be different, but it is important to check with the Department of Corrections and the Department of Agriculture to find out what security training schools require their guards to meet.

When choosing Security guard training, you must also consider the career options available to you after graduation. Security Guard jobs are available in both permanent positions and on a temporary basis. The type of Security Guard job you eventually choose will depend on your Security Guard Training, the location you are assigned to, your knowledge, or skill, and other factors such as whether or not you have the personality required to work in this specialized field.

The second option of Security guard jobs is through contractual services. Contracting the services of Security guards allows you to work for a company on an intermittent basis and is more cost effective than hiring and training new guards each year. In some states, a security engineer or warrant officer training is required before security guard jobs can be obtained. For guards who are licensed by the state to carry concealed weapons, such as pistols, firearms, and other weapons, security guard jobs may also be available. In all states, security guard training requirements vary, so be sure to check with the Department of Corrections and the Department of Agriculture for specific requirements.

There are several types of Security Guard jobs available. One type is a patrol guard, which is responsible for keeping an area secure and alerting residents and employers. A security guard may also be employed to investigate security issues, apprehend suspects, and conduct spot checks in high risk areas. Security officers are also responsible for reporting to the Commanding Officer, the site Commandant, or the Sheriff, for any crimes that occur in or around the workplace. In some cases, patrol guards are dispatched to detail commercial facilities such as apartment buildings and office buildings, to provide security in and about these areas on a 24 hour basis.

Regular patrol guards must obtain their certification upon graduating from their Security Guard Training Academy. Security guards who wish to be employed as security officers in different locations (on-call, on-site or off-site) are required to take a special eight-hour pre-assignment training course. The training course includes classroom instruction, physical conditioning and hazard awareness, weapon usage, vehicle safety, first aid, and CPR. Security guards are then allowed to work on-call in their region, or within their area of responsibility if permitted by their contract with the company. On-call guards are supervisors and are usually assigned to specific shifts, which may include night or weekend shift work.

Another type of security guard training course that guards can take is the unarmed security guard training course. This eight hour course is offered by local security companies and is administered by specially trained instructors. While it does not require a certification, most security engineers will be required to take an exam to become an unarmed security guard. Security guard training courses will also usually include information on topics such as traffic law, CPR, and other first aid techniques.

There are many job opportunities for security guard employment, including those working in places such as banks, shopping malls, airports, and luxury hotels. There are also contract positions, which allow for armed security guards to work on-call in certain areas for specific periods of time. It is important to understand the security industry, including the various security guard training courses, in order to secure the security industry as a viable and lucrative career choice.


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