Sport Betting Trends For 2021


Over a year ago, the world took a back seat ride as the COVID-19 pandemic forced people to stay at home in compliance with health protocols implemented worldwide. The pandemic also caused a momentary halt in live betting in Kenya and sport live events worldwide. However, with the continuous innovations in the world of technology, new trends have emerged. Bettors are on the lookout for this liberating experience making a considerable mark in the betting industry.

2021 is hyped with these new trends, and so are you! So, read on and be well-versed and tell friends about these new tricks up this year’s sleeves.

E-Sports Betting

The term itself stemmed from the sports being available through electronic devices and games played over the internet. It had been dozing around sometimes, even before the pandemic started. But lo and behold, as people are to stay socially distant, they also turned into their mobile devices to stay entertained, so e-sports betting became widespread.

Player Tracker

Player tracker is an emerging feature that gamblers need to lookout. It is a live tracking concept that shows real-time data about a player’s health and lifestyle, and people who know how to live track the players they bet on can directly affect the decision they make in the next betting game, definitely something to watch out for.

Last-minute Betting

Can’t decide where to place your bets? Then the last-minute betting trend is for you. As some bettors watch and easily identify their wager on worthy players, some gamblers just can’t decide as soon as possible. The option is available on most online sportsbooks like sports betting Kenya, making it easier for bettors to place their stake at the last minute.

Free Bonuses for New Bettors

Indeed, the best things in life (and betting) are free! And this is the best trend that is happening in 2021. Not only do loyal bettors receive this bonus, but the new bettors as well. It’s high time to try that luck in winning through the e-sports trend.

See this infographic to help you get started with your e-sports betting venture.

Sports betting Kenya trends for 2021

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