Overdrive comprises of some of Australia’s most dedicated hard rockers and metalheads!
See for yourself who contributes and what they do in and out of Overdrive!

OVERDRIVE Management and Editors

Bailey Graham (Melbourne, Australia) – Owner & Editor-In-Chief 
Matt Maric (Melbourne, Australia) – Assistant Editor-In-Chief & Columnist
Joel Gray (Melbourne, Australia) – 
Assistant Editor-In-Chief
Callum Doig (Melbourne, Australia) – 
Social Media Manager
Lewis Allan (Melbourne, Australia) – Senior Editor
Christian Graus (Hobart, Australia) – Senior Editor & Columnist
Keiley Colpoys (Melbourne, Australia) – Senior Editor
Christopher Di Carlo (Melbourne, Australia) – Senior Editor


Aaron Gietman (Melbourne, Australia) – Writer
Andrew Basso (Melbourne, Australia) – Photographer
Ben Plant (Melbourne, Australia) – Writer & Columnist
Bethany Mafrici (Melbourne, Australia) – Photographer
Brandon Tadday (Melbourne, Australia) – Writer
Brendon Bradbury (Melbourne, Australia) – Writer
Britt Andrews (Sydney, Australia) – Photographer
Bronwyn Thorne (Melbourne, Australia) – Writer & Columnist
Charlyn Cameron (Brisbane, Australia) – Photographer
Christopher Di Carlo (Melbourne, Australia) – Writer
Connor O’Keane (Melbourne, Australia) – 
Writer & Photographer
Daniel Tucceri (Melbourne, Australia) – Writer & Photographer
Denis Sudzuka (Melbourne, Australia) –
 Writer & Columnist
Elliot Thomas (Sydney, Australia)  – Writer
Jainash Prakash (Sydney, Australia) – Photographer
James Shoemark (Albury, Australia) – Photographer
James Smith (Melbourne, Australia) – Writer
Janise Kumar (Melbourne, Australia) – Writer
Jess Miller (Sydney, Australia) – Photographer
Jesse Dracman (Brisbane, Australia) – Writer
Jodi Marino (Melbourne, Australia) – Writer
John Raptis (Melbourne, Australia) – Photographer
Jonathon Besanko (Melbourne, Australia) – 
Jose Sanchez (Melbourne, Australia) – 
Joseph Dipisa-Fiorenza (Melbourne, Australia) – Writer & Columnist
Karl Lean (Melbourne, Australia) – Writer
Kate Wehl (Melbourne, Australia) – Photographer
Liam Frost-Camilleri (Melbourne, Australia) – Writer
Liam Totton (Port Macquarie, Australia) – Writer
Matt Barton (Melbourne, Australia) – Writer
Matt Bolton (Sydney, Australia) – Columnist
Matt Morris (Melbourne, Australia) – Writer
Michael Gumley (Melbourne, Australia) – Writer & Columnist
Mick Goddard (Sydney, Australia) – Photographer
Nick Tucker (Melbourne, Australia) – Photographer
Owen Keswick Gallagher (Melbourne, Australia) – Writer
Paul Tadday (Melbourne, Australia) – Photographer
Rebecca Reid (Brisbane, Australia) – Photographer
Remy Kendall (Melbourne, Australia) – Writer
Sam Radojcin (Sydney, Australia) – Writer
Ricardo Rengifo (Busselton, Australia) – Writer
Sebastian Marino (Melbourne, Australia) – Photographer
Stephen Buckle (Brisbane, Australia) – Writer
Theo Goslett (Melbourne, Australia) – Writer & Columnist
Thomas Lanyon (Melbourne, Australia) – Writer
Trent Cornell (Melbourne, Australia) – Writer
Vanessa Jarvis (Melbourne, Australia) – Photographer
Yok Rzeznic (Sydney, Australia) – Writer & Columnist