The basics of workers’ compensation system in Virginia 


Workplace injuries, unfortunately, are common and can happen to anyone. If you have sustained injuries at the job, which has caused serious injuries, short- or long-term disabilities, you may have the scope to file for a workers’ compensation claim. All employers in Virginia need to have workers’ compensation insurance, which is a no-fault system, which means that an injured worker doesn’t have to prove fault to get the due compensation. In return, employers cannot be directly sued. Right after getting injured, you should consider talking to a Virginia workers’ compensation lawyer, who can guide on your claim and all relevant aspects. 

What benefits can you claim under workers’ compensation?

To claim benefits under the workers’ compensation system, you need to prove that your injuries are result of an accident that happened during work. In general, workers’ compensation benefits will cover for the medical expenses that the worker had to incur, besides lost wage benefits. If you have suffered temporary or permanent disability that prevents you from getting back to work, you can claim compensation for that too. If an accident ever leads to the death of a worker, the death benefits will be paid to spouse and dependent children. 

Why would you want a lawyer?

Yes, you are entitled to benefits of the workers’ compensation system, but in the real world, many injured workers do not get the settlement that they deserve. If luck is not on your side, your claim can be denied too. There are many reasons why you need a workers’ compensation attorney. First and foremost, they can help in establishing that your injuries are related to workplace activities. Secondly, they can guide in determining the damages that you have suffered, so that you can have a realistic idea of how much to expect in compensation. Also, your lawyer is responsible for handling negotiation for settlement, and if there is a need for an appeal, they will help with that too. 

Other things to know

In some cases, it is quite possible that a third-party had a role in causing the accident, which resulted in your injuries, and there could be a potential liability claim. Your lawyer should be able to guide you further on that. 

While hiring a lawyer is entirely your personal call, you wouldn’t want to settle for anything less than what you deserve. Allow an experienced and skilled lawyer to handle workers’ compensation claim on your behalf. 

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