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Sony like other technology giants usually keeps all information about upcoming products under wraps until their official introduction. This year, however, the Japanese gaming giant made an exception, the head of the currently best PlayStation 4 Pro was discussed on Tuesday by the head of Sony’s entertainment and entertainment division, Jim Ryan, on the company’s official blog.

First of all, it is already certain that Sony will not experiment with the names the next generation of TV consoles will be called PlayStation 5. According to spokesperson of company the new PlayStation 5 will go on sale at Christmas 2020.

He also revealed some other details about the upcoming television system. The novelty will bring completely new ways of interaction between the game world and the player himself. He came across a redesigned Dualshock controller. It should offer a haptic response instead of ordinary vibrations. So the controller will shake depending on what is happening on the screen. According to the head of the gaming and entertainment division of Sony, this should make the player feel completely different when crawling through low grass and driving a racing special. Check our playstation 5 review for the best results now.

Top Features

The programmable buttons L2 and R2, in which the intensity of the press can be changed by setting, should also contribute to creating the most realistic atmosphere. In practice, developers will be able to adjust the force of the press according to what is happening on the screen.

Tip from the List

Buttons L2 and R2 are used, for example, in car simulators instead of brake and accelerator pedals. Thanks to the new feature, it will be possible to simulate the intensity of pressing different versions of cars, as is the case in older cars, it will be harder to press the pedals, while in newer cars it will be easier to press.

With these two innovations, game developers will be able to provide a much more powerful experience and better simulate reality.

8K vs. 4K

It was originally speculated that the console would suffice for 8K resolution. This was quite surprising, as the current top model PlayStation 4 Pro did not handle all the games even in 4K resolution. However, the head of the gaming and entertainment division of Sony specified that the five will be able to play in 4K at a refresh rate of 120 Hz. In 8K resolution, it will probably be possible to consume only multimedia content, or play some simpler games. Recall that, compared to the 4K standard, 8K offers four times more pixels, so compared to Full HD, the image on TVs or monitors is even up to 16 times more detailed. In the ps5 vs ps4 comparison this is important.

Comparison of different resolution sizes.

It is also confirmed by the authorities that the PlayStation 5 will be equipped with a modern SSD. Thanks to this, the operation of the entire device will be faster, from the start through the installation of applications to the launch of individual titles.

However, we will have to wait for more information about the hardware. However according to earlier information the PlayStation 5 will also power AMD Ryzen in the third generation together with the Radeon Navi graphics card.

A question mark hangs above the purchase price. Currently, however, the PlayStation 4 Pro, which is a forerunner of the upcoming news, as it currently represents the best of Sony’s offer, is being sold in stores for less than ten thousand crowns.


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