The Best Options To Lighten Your Skin


The skin is often a source of bitterness for us. There are countless skin problems: acne, aging, allergies, rosacea, and discoloration and blemishes. The skin of the face becomes dull in some areas and turns grayish, and as time goes by, small spots appear on the skin that darkens it. This results from skin aging and exposure to the sun and UVA rays with or without protection, acne, and scars, which turn into marks, pollution that dehydrates the skin, and this dehydration makes it dull and looks older. In short, factors that we cannot avoid but that we can overcome.

Even so, if we have not managed to get ahead of them, nothing happens because whitening the skin to restore its tone, luminosity, and brightness is simpler than you might think. There are few things in life where you can go backward, but getting your skin white and young again is a concern; if you do it in time and the consequences are not too severe, you can get excellent results. If you want to know how to lighten your skin, note these skin whitening tips ranging from ivory skin caps to tricks you can do yourself with things and ingredients you have around the house.

Ivory White Skin Caps

The Blaüve Advanced Ivory Skin Caps are formulated to provide the best skin whitening benefits for people trying to alter their natural skin tone. Our doctor-formulated proprietary blend will help whiten a few shades lighter than your natural skin tone. It is the preferred choice for people who do many outdoor activities and are exposed to many suns from vacations, work, or outdoor activities.

Whitening cream

This is the remedy that works best to whiten the skin of the spots that arise on it for various reasons, both internal and external to the skin. These provide hydration, which is essential so that the skin does not darken and does not lose its brightness and luminosity, as this happens because the water levels do not reach the skin cells correctly. Also, the lack of hydration causes the skin to age sooner because collagen and elastin levels are affected faster. In addition to hydration, it also provides luminosity, which lightens blemishes and evens the tone. In short, it is a day-to-day treatment that improves the skin little by little.

On the other hand, there is also the option of making homemade whitening cream, although this is not recommended since, as we have said, it is a treatment, so it is best left to the experts and, more importantly, to science.

To the rich mask

While homemade whitening cream is not recommended, the opposite is true for face masks. Of course, these can be found on the market and with excellent skin properties, but since confinement turned our bathroom into a spa, natural ingredients from our pantry are our fresh cosmetic ingredients. Among them, we find the masks of natural yogurt and sugar (two tablespoons of each element), which in addition to being two whitening ingredients, is also exfoliating, or lemon and oatmeal. To make it, mix lemon juice and ground oatmeal. Then apply it at night.

Lemon juice

And speaking of lemon juice, this is a crucial ingredient for white and luminous skin. It is the secret ally of celebrities’ first thing because it restores tone to the face and vitality. All thanks to its vitamin C, which helps cell renewal.

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