The Discovery Stage in Car Accident Cases: What Can You Expect During It?


If you are filing a personal injury lawsuit against a party who caused your injuries, you should expect to go through several steps. One of these steps is the discovery stage, where each party involved sharing information necessary for building a case. 

What is the Discovery Stage For?

The discovery stage in a persona injury case is part of a preparation that parties have to do before the trial. During this stage, all parties involved will share and gather information on the case. It is meant to avoid delays when the trial starts. When you reach this stage, you will be asked some questions regarding your accident and required to exchange information associated with your case. Also, this stage lets you and your idaho car accident attorney request some information from the other party.

Different Parts of the Discover Stage

The discovery stage of a persona injury case itself has different parts. These include the following:

  • Interrogatories. This part involves exchanging a written set of questions with the other party involved in your accident. Each party offers answers to these questions under oath. You could be asked either general or specific. If the other party gives you both kinds of questions, you need to answer them separately.
  • Document production. In this part of the discovery stage, one party can ask the other to give some documentation related to the accident case. Such documents could be used later as evidence at a trial. For instance, you can request documents like medical records, proof of lost income, injury photos, vehicle repair bills, and other evidence in your car accident case. 

No matter how minor or major your injuries are, you need to visit a healthcare expert after your car accident. You may have symptoms that may appear days or weeks after your accident during which it can be hard to get compensation without proof of a medical exam. Insurance companies may assert that your injuries could have been less serious had you got treatment right after the crash.

  • Request for admission of facts. This will give you the chance to ask the other party to admit some facts. Once a fact is admitted, you and your attorney can use them in the trial.

A great car accident attorney can help you understand a lot of things regarding your injury claim. Also, they can give you information about the litigation process, so you would know what to expect. 

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