The Essential Solutions for the Digital Earning Platforms


When purchasing the product through the digital platform, if it is an ebook (digital book), the customer will receive it in his e-mail to download it. If it is an online course, the client will receive an authorized user and password to watch the video lessons.

What the Affiliate Does

The affiliate can inform the consumer or not that he will earn commission if he buys through his link. Most consumers buy without knowing it.

The affiliate can encourage the consumer to buy by saying that he will earn exclusive bonuses when purchasing the product through his link. This is a way for affiliates to differentiate themselves from others who promote the same product. You can Go through VNC reviews on the Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0 here.

Cost per Sale (CPV)

The affiliate earns commission for each sale made of the product and / or service. This is the most common form. For you to make the consumer buy the product you need to have more authority, influence before your audience. The higher the product’s CPV, the more techniques and sales experience you need. Cheap products are easier to sell.

Cost Per Click (CPC)

With CPC you get paid per click. Each person who clicks on the ad on your website, blog, or YouTube channel receives a value for the click. The type of ad can be banner, link and text. The click value is calculated based on the quality of the traffic you attract. Curious who do not want to buy and click on the ad, the value of the click is low.

  • If the person has a real intention to buy the product, the value of the customer is high.
  • There is no way to manipulate the system. And if you try, you will be disqualified from affiliate programs.
  • You cannot click on your own ads or encourage people to do this directly. If you do, you will be banned from the platforms.

Cost per Lead (CPL)

The affiliate receives for each lead he generates for the producer. It can be a registration on the website, download software, subscribe on the website, register data in a contact form.

Here the affiliate does not earn by selling or by clicking on the ads. The visitor will be able to click several times on the ads, however the affiliate will only win when the visitor takes a specific action on the advertiser’s website. The advertiser’s goal is to capture the lead (email) of the visitor in order to sell to him in the future through promotions. Once you have the visitor’s email you can make several offers to him.

Cost Per Impressions (CPM)

In this format, the advertiser pays a fixed amount for every 1000 views that advertising reaches the affiliate’s website. CPM is a method for affiliates that receive a lot of traffic. Visitors do not need to click on the banner. Every pageviews (page loaded) of the blog counts a view.


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