The Great Search for the Perfect Wedding Ring: Unknown Facts


When buying Wedding Rings, a few things should be considered, after all, with the wedding ring, you choose a piece of jewelry that you should like for many years to come. It is always advisable to start your search early. This allows a more extensive consultation and sometimes a special production also requires a little time in advance. The order for the wedding rings should be placed no later than one month before the wedding. This leaves enough time to make any necessary adjustments.

What budget should you plan?

Since the wedding ring is worn every day, you should always pay attention to quality and comfort. Nevertheless, the question of the budget for a wedding ring can only be answered personally, as every couple has different life situations. If you calculate how high the price is per day that you will wear the ring compared to, for example, a wedding dress, the purchase price is put into perspective and it is easier for you to spend a little more.

What else should you watch out for when buying wedding rings?

As already mentioned, quality and comfort are of particular importance in wedding rings. Ideally, the rings should be tested on two different dates, because external conditions such as time of day and weather can influence the required ring size and affect how comfortable it is to wear. The selection of the rings should not be made under time pressure. Since the rings will accompany you for a lifetime, they should be selected calmly and with professional advice.

Surfaces are ephemeral

In the course of time, the surface of your wedding rings will change this is not a fault or a defect. The rings are stressed by daily wear and it is quite normal that matt surfaces lose their structure and high-gloss polished rings scratch and lose their shine somewhat. Each ring will show signs of wear (like scratches) over time. You can have your wedding rings freshened up again. But you can also simply accept that your wedding ring has acquired its personal character over the years.

How do you find the right wedding ring specialist or jeweler?

It can only recommended that you get a tip from your family, friends and acquaintances: Perhaps you already know a jeweler where you are already a customer or where your parents have been going for years. The Internet also offers you a lot of possibilities here and you can get your first impressions there.

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It is important that you have confidence in the jeweler, as unfortunately, in experience, couples repeatedly receive information that is not always technically correct or simply corresponds to the product that this wedding ring provider can show you or the level of knowledge of the seller. Unfortunately, these are often even so-called wedding ring specialists or leading jewelers, which repeatedly leads to irritation for the couples, since one assumes a sound knowledge.

Certainly there are more questions or criteria related to choosing the right provider. Nothing can replace a competent, trained specialist dealer. Take advantage of this wealth of knowledge and get good and detailed advice. His experience guarantees you a lifelong joy with your wedding rings and this beyond the purchase.

At many jewelers, buying rings is associated with (free) services. For example, ring frames are checked, small scratches quickly polished off, photos taken for the insurance company, etc. With us, for example, the first ring refurbishment is free of charge for wedding rings. Just ask for it.

Retail or catalog

You can find beautiful rings at reasonable prices in many catalogs or on the Internet. However, you shouldn’t skimp in the wrong place. A supposed bargain from the Internet or a catalog can, in the worst case, spoil the entire wedding day. You cannot try the rings you have ordered. You’ve only seen an illustration of the rings that doesn’t really reflect what they actually looked like. You cannot assess the effect of the rings on your finger like this.

With a good jeweler you can be sure that you will be able to repair, adapt or recondition your “good piece” there even years later. In the case of a cheap ring from the Internet or catalog, some specialist shops refuse service and repairs because they cannot ensure that the ring will survive the operation undamaged.

Finding the right wedding rings can be a challenge. It is often very difficult to estimate which style you will like in 20 years. Of course, no one can predict future fashion, so your best bet is to choose wedding rings that are relatively timeless.

Ring choice is a matter of taste

Ultimately, of course, when choosing a ring, only the taste of the bride and groom counts. For those who generally wear bold jewelry, large, elaborately decorated rings are the right choice. A large stone can adorn the ring for the bride, for example but if you rarely wear jewelry and don’t like it so flashy, delicate, rather subtle wedding rings are a good choice for you.

Traditionally, newlyweds often choose matching rings. This is no longer a must today. Pick the ones you both like. The rings are primarily a symbol of your love and don’t have to look the same. If the motto “opposites attract” applies, this can also be reflected in their wedding rings.

Tips for Buying Rings: Budget

Once you are clear about the general style of your wedding rings, you should set a budget. There is a very nice selection in every price category. If you are unsure of your ring size, it is best to take another ring with you to the jeweler. Then he can measure your size directly. Also plan enough time for making the wedding rings ideally at least six weeks.

The right material for wedding rings

Many newlyweds choose gold wedding rings. Ultimately, however, you can choose any material, silver or red gold are just as possible as yellow or white gold. There are also some materials specially designed for allergy sufferers. Titanium and platinum, for example, are suitable if you have a cobalt or nickel allergy.


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