The Importance of Import Brokers That you Should be Aware Of

Import brokers are the professional gurus who can get your goods cleared at the customs in no time. Besides, you don’t have to face any kind of hassles that include running around to provide a missing document at the customs at the time of shipment arrival. In other words, they handle the business at customs on your behalf. That said, if you’re wondering what their business is and why you need them since they mean additional expenditure, then the guide below is just the thing that you need in order to understand the importance of elite brokers like the Clearit import brokers

  1. Importing Goods is Not Easy

This is the first thing that you need to understand. Definitely not a lengthy or tricky process when handled by professionals, but when you handle it, it actually gets lengthy, messy, as well as tricky. That’s because:

  • The import laws keep changing.
  • The customs department needs a lot of information that can be overwhelming for you.
  • There’s constant communication happening between all the parties involved. While trained agents can handle it all, you, single-handedly, just can’t do it.

So, as long as you know all the laws, are ready to run around for filing the documents at customs, and are fully capable of handling any last minute hiccup, you will need an import broker.

  1. Brokers are Accustomed to Getting Goods by All Transportation Means Cleared

Elite custom brokers know everything that goes into getting goods cleared whether they’re arriving by air, by sea, or by truck. They offer services at all ports in Canada. Besides, since they submit all the documents electronically, there’s no chance that the goods can be held back at customs due to document misplacement. 

  1. Elite Companies Understand How Important Agents are For Customers

Companies like Clearit have trained agents who can guide you through the entire process of document preparation. They inform you about the different documents that you and your freight forwarder are supposed to provide them with. Once you upload all the documents, they review the list below sending it to the custom department. If any document is missing they will inform you. 

Another agent support that they offer is sending a broker at the import site to ensure that:

  • Cross border transfer happens smoothly.
  • The shipment has arrived undamaged.
  • There is no miscommunication.
  1. They Consider The Budget of Their Customers 

Despite offering high-quality services of brokers with decades of experience, Clearit still understands that the services should be affordable. Which is why they offer the services like ITN generation at just 127 CAD and the entire package for car import at just 389.99 CAD. You can contact them on their website – – for more details on their pricing policy. 

So, on a parting note, since it’s the responsibility of an import broker to ensure that your goods are cleared at customs in time, you should pick someone with a strong reputation. 

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