The Three Main Stages of Personal Injury Claims in Colorado


If you have been injured in an accident, you may have the right to demand compensation from the party who caused your accident. This requires you to file a personal injury claim which is often resolved without going to court. If you want to end up with fair compensation, you should let one of the best personal injury lawyers in Colorado work on your case. Your attorney will present a well-supported and documented claim to increase your chances of reaching a fair settlement without taking more serious legal actions. This post walks you through the different stages of a personal injury claim in Colorado:

Starting a Claim

After you hire a personal injury attorney, they will contact the involved parties and insurance companies to report the accident and claim. Your lawyer will inform these parties that you are represented and that they will direct further communication to them.

Then, your Colorado lawyer will start investigating your case to collect evidence they will use to support your claim. They may interview witnesses, collect any accident scene photos or videos available, get a copy of the official police report, gather previous claims information related to the responsible parties and insurance, as well as get copies of your medical records, billing statements, and documentation of your lost wages.

Submitting a Settlement Demand

Before your lawyer will try to resolve your injury claim, they will first assess your losses and damages. In general, this means waiting for you to complete your medical treatment and ensuring there is reasonable certainty on your future medical condition and need for further medical care. When both parties agree on a settlement you will be required to sign a “Release of All Claims” which prevents you from seeking further compensation after the settlement is reached. Thus, you should wait until the true extent of your injuries and medical expenses have been understood before you try to settle your claim.

When it is time, your lawyer will submit a package that contains documentation that proves your claim, demanding that it pays you compensation. Often, settlement negotiations start thereafter. Your personal injury lawyer will communicate and discuss all offers with you and make recommendations. 

Filing a Lawsuit

If settlement negotiations fail, your attorney in Colorado can file a lawsuit in court on your behalf to start litigation. Your attorney should be able to explain to you what you can expect when a lawsuit is filed. 

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