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Things You Need To Know About Condo Down Payments


Every resident has always had a thought or might have already done it for purchasing and having their own home. For some, it will be the moment of life, and having a house gives them a sense of ownership and spreads a lot of smiles. And for some, it is just not worth investment. Having a property in a country that is already governed by strict laws than even having a condo is the best logical thing that anyone can think of buying.

There are several factors involved from the planning to get keys in hand and the most important above all is arranging money to get one. There are several options for purchasing condo installment (ผ่อน ดาวน์ คอน โด, which is the term in Thai). 

Several questions will get stacked up in your mind whether you are thinking of buying Condo for investment, holiday stay or you are relaxing in the future after retirement. 

The Size Of The Place: 

We all know having a condo is always close to the public transport roads, you can have a beach, nightlife, clubs, gardens, everything near to your place. But this comes at the cost of size reduction. The size of the room will be so small that you will have hardly a place to live comfortably. Due to the prime location, even the 41sq. meters with two bedrooms will cost approx. 30000 a month. 

Are you finding it worth to pay for this room?

Whatever be the complications or downsides consider at least looking around for the convenience or the place nearby for travel and comfort. So keep in mind to calculate the market cost and how much you are paying for that area. If you’re planning to live here for long in your future, and then consider some of the factors like will you be able to live under with your family in such a small place. Consider how you’re going to accommodate all your stuff in the house. Is it comfortable for children to play around? 

How will you pay for the property? 

As discussed above, there are plenty of options, and each will have its pros and cons, and one of them may be the most suitable one for you. 

  • Cash: This will be a significant cut down from the investment, and you may get a profit or loss when you purchase it and sell it back. 
  • Foreign ATM Cards Or International Bank Transfer: You can pay via Visa debit or credit cards, and you can also find ATM on every other street you go to.  

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