Tips for exercising when undergoing a breast cancer treatment


When undergoing or after going through a breast cancer treatment procedure, many doctors will recommend you to involve yourself in low-impact activities and non-strenuous exercises. The mood of a person going through treatment is usually low. How can a breast cancer patient stay active during treatment times? Well, studies show that when you exercise, it helps you reduce the chances of cancer recurrence, reduce anxiety, elevate your mood, improve your sleep, reduce symptoms of related side effects after treatment and boost your energy level.

Luckily, there are less strenuous kinds of moderate exercises and fun that you can perform independently. Here are some exercise tips by breast cancer treatment Newport Beach as you go through treatment.

Feel free to exercise at your own pace

Start some small exercise activities like bed and couch movement, yoga and build upon them each day. You will be surprised how these small efforts will help boost your mood and physicality.

Even the slightest movement matters a lot, and count

You may feel low and pain, but during your worst days, when you do a few leg lifts or some slow punches in the air while lying in bed or couch, it will help you mentally more than anything else. Supposing you are couch-bound or bedridden most of the time, it would be best if you try a few light movements to lift your spirits and keeps your blood flowing.

Do not worry what others will think

Another important lesson to learn when exercising during cancer treatment is to care less about others. Chemotherapy may leave you without hair. If you feel the wig or scarf on your head makes you feel too hot when exercising, remove it and care less how you look. You may think you are scaring others, but you may also be inspiring a lot of others with your strength and grit to fight their own battles.


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