Tips for Make a Good CV for a Job Application in the UK?

If you have to make your first CV for a job in the United Kingdom, there are some golden rules you really need to follow. A British curriculum vitae should be built in the form of table. It should make a maximum of two pages but just one page is highly recommended as far as possible. Even if you send it in the traditional way and not online, the document must be typed. You can put a photo on it, but this is not mandatory.

Find a CV Template UK Online

For your convenience, we advise you to look for an effective CV online in order to find the perfect cv template uk. Most of the time, this type of platform proposes different categories for their CV templates. Just choose one that offersa bunch of UK CV examples. Then, you can take time to choose the one that matches both your personality and the job sought. Remember that the recruiter may receive hundreds of other resumes. In that case, they will spend only a few seconds on each of them at the first place. If you want yours to be retained, it must be unique. Do not hesitate to use some colours on the condition that you do not overuse it.

Elements to Include in a CV UK

As any other type of resume, the British one contains different sections to make it readable and well-organized. So, here are the elements that you must include in your curriculum vitae when applying for a job in the United Kingdom:

  • Contact Information
  • Personal Statement or Personal Profile
  • Work Experience
  • Education
  • Hard Skills
  • Soft Skills
  • Hobbies and Interests

If you think it can enhance the impact of your resume, you can add option sections such as Associations and Certifications, Mad Skills and References. By the way, if the company specifies in the job offer that candidates must provide references, this section becomes obviously mandatory.

Things to Know to Write a Good CV UK

It is essential to write it in nativeUK English, local recruiters areoften intransigentabout it.References are an important part of the recruitment process in the UK, 74% of companies will get in touch with the references listed before contacting a candidate for an interview. The CV should mention the position, names and addresses as well as the phone numbers of two people who can provide you with references.

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