Tips to buying a French bulldog and what to look for


Dogs are honest creatures and are human’s best friends. Its furry paws are simply adorable and the faces insanely cute. A dog is voraciously loyal, and at times of need they also act as protectors. However, it all depends on the dog you buy and the way you train him. A French bulldog is the choice of people who are picky and careful about choosing a pet. This sort of bulldog is a common pet and has size which is compact and small with bat-like ears.  It is the behavior of a Frenchie which makes it adorable and beloved of many.

How to choose a French bulldog?

Before you look forward to choosing a French bulldog, you should know the types of such bulldogs. A French bulldog may be a companion dog or a snow dog. The demand of the Snow dog is very high and you will rarely find it. The price is also too high. Before choosing a French bulldog as a pet, ask the breeder about genetic conditions the dog is suffering from. Therefore, it is important to choose a breeder who is licensed and certified. The breeder will offer several options in puppies and can show you a space full of French bulldogs. Choose a French bulldog which can handle your interactions and human contacts. Ask about the vet visits required or any health concern.

Choose the best French bulldog

There are various tips to choosing a French bulldog. It is important to go for a reputed and reliable breeder. Look for a pure blooded puppy. Ask the breeder as many questions as possible and make sure he is the part of some breeder’s club or organization. Before going with the breeder, do internet research on him.

Take help from the breeder

A pug who knows human contact and interaction must be your choice. You may discuss out your expectations with the breeder and ask him to help you choose. Choose a pup with a good tolerance level. Go for a friendly and relaxed kind of puppy. It must be comfortable with you.

Look for warranty

A good breeder will offer warranty on health. So, if the dog has a genetic issue, the breeder will be liable. A reliable breeder will give you proof of good health and clear any sort of genetic disorder before selling it.

Registration papers

If the breeder is good, he will show you registration papers and provide pug’s pedigree. Make sure the ownership is transferred to you and everything is done in writing.

Have a look at the nose of the puppy, the teeth and other physical attributes. After having the puppy with you, buy bulldog supplies from


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