Tips to select an Arizona personal injury attorney


There is nothing more unfortunate than getting involved in a car accident. However, accidents happen all the time, and it can happen to anyone. If you get involved in such an accident, one of the first tasks is to ask for medical assistance, following which you need to call a skilled Tucson personal injury attorney. Not all attorneys or law firms dealing with personal injury lawsuits and insurance claims are the same, so you have to do your homework right. In this guide, we have a few tips that may come in handy for finding the best attorney in Arizona. 

  1. Expertise. When it comes to car accident claims or slip & fall cases, you have to find an attorney who specializes in such cases. Ask the attorney if they have handled claims similar to yours, and whether they have worked with clients who have been in matching circumstances. 
  2. Meet your lawyer in person. Most personal injury attorneys in Arizona will offer a free consultation session, which is a great advantage, and this is also among the first reasons why you should meet an attorney at their office. Make sure that they are open to the idea of consultation in person. 
  3. Discuss your expectations. A good lawyer will never set unrealistic expectations for clients seeking compensation for their injuries caused by others. They will investigate the matter on their own, do their part of homework, and give you a real picture of what you can expect in compensation. 
  4. Find more about trials. A considerable percentage of personal injury claims and lawsuits, often up to 90%, are settled through negotiation in Arizona, as this reduces time and money for all parties involved. However, if the matter has to go to trial, your personal injury attorney must have some level of courtroom confidence. Ask them about the number of trials they have handled so far. 
  5. Fee and costs. Today, personal injury attorneys usually work on a contingency basis, which means that will only charge an amount of the compensation, usually an agreed percentage, if they win the settlement for you. Check with your lawyer to know other costs, including court costs, if needed, besides what they will charge for their work. 

Having a lawyer by your side will help in recovering most of your losses. Arizona follows the comparative fault rule, so you have a role in the accident, let your lawyer know. 

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