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Trendy Curtains for trendy times


Curtains are part of fashion that never gets old. Window curtains are functional and stylish; the fashion style has evolved and has become more stylish.  When you think of decorating your window with curtains there are lots of things to be thought; like its fabric, color and patterns. Here are some most trendy and all to go curtain ideas which are inspirational choices for 2020.

Double up Curtains

A common trendy choice of curtains for 2020, when you want an all in one solution for your window through a curtain Double up curtains is the answer. It has lots of benefits like; it gives a right balance between your privacy and sunlight to your room with a soft furnished window look.  Blackout curtains look good in bedrooms to ensure a good sleep in summer mornings. However, every time selecting a curtain doesn’t mean you want to jump into pitch darkness.

Hidden tracks curtains:

 If you are looking for less cluttered looks and more and more subtle and tracked curtains than these are the best types of trendy curtains. These types of curtains offer a sleeker option for the curtain choice and also give a fusion of trendy looks with a traditional curtain pole. It just does not add a unique style to your house and also they can be hung up with ceiling and make the look of the room much taller and dramatic.

Curtains with Tab top:

Tab top curtains are a best selection for you when you are looking to transform your home into a more peaceful and relaxing place. Sometimes you need a break from formal heavy looks and want to look into something which is more natural soft and gives a casual and stylish feel.  Tab tops curtains contain all of these needs in them. They give you a softer feel with style. These curtains need fewer tools and provide more relaxation. That means you don’t need curtain rings or any other hardware. Still you have complete control over how curtains are hung on poles.

Abstract geometric Patterns for curtains:

These types of curtains are the most popular choice of the year, especially homes which are styled in contemporary ways.  It’s a look that goes with trend; fabric is different and vibrant rich in colors with fusion of patterns. Their designs are quite artistic; the patterns are not the standard triangles or hexagons but present abstract designs. These unusual patterns, fabric and colors ensure the space feels more sophisticated, comforting and stylish. These curtains are also ranked among top in most trendy curtains of year 2020.

Plant themed curtains:

These types of curtains are buzzing in 2020. These types of curtains work best with people who love nature in everything. These make your house look more connected to the plants and nature. Plant based curtains are a big trend these days. It is like you can connect your interior with the outside – and windows are a perfect spot for plants likewise best place for these curtains.


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