Types of Corals for Your Reef Tank


Before setting up a reef tank, you must learn about different types of corals. Market is flooded with so many types of corals. Besides, you might get little confused looking at the various options on the market. If you are a beginner then the chances are high that you do not have any idea about the beginner species and advanced coral species. Do not worry, in the post you are going to learn about different types of corals. 

Soft Corals Vs Hard Corals

Corals are mainly divided into 2 categories. They are soft corals and hard corals. The difference between them is generally determined by checking the count of tentacles every polyp has. Each coral species is including some hundreds and thousands of polyps. Besides, these polyps are generally very tiny. 

Soft corals look very attractive, just like the colourful plants. On the other hand, hard corals are popularly known as stone corals. In fact, hard corals have calcium based, hard skeleton. 

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Mentioned below are some popular coral types, which are perfect for beginners. 

  • Leather Corals: If you are looking for mushroomed shaped corals, they would be your perfect choice. Besides, these corals are large generally. Another great advantage of choosing this type of corals is that they are easy to care. 
  • Star Polyps: They are the most commonly used corals. Moreover, they are inexpensive, and looks really attractive. They are a great option for starters. You can maintain them easily just like the leather corals. However, ensure that there is proper waterflow and lighting in the tank. 
  • Trumpet Coral: The speciality of this type of corals is they can withstand even the polluted water. You can find these corals in various colours on market. Some of them include purple, green and neon. Out of them, it is the green colour which most of the people choose. They are easy to maintain than Star polyps and Leather corals. 
  • Bubble Corals: They look breathtakingly beautiful. In fact, they are known for their unique shape. Place them at the bottom of your tank to turn it very attractive. 

A healthy coral generally looks very puffy. If you find that, the corals are broken or lost colour then avoid choosing them. Different corals require different environmental conditions for survival. For example, the corals which need more lighting should kept near the surface or where there is proper lighting. Similarly, some corals need to be kept at the bottom of the tank. 

Which is costlier – Soft Corals or Hard Corals?

Hard corals are more affordable than soft corals. Hence, if you are looking for budget friendly corals then choose hard corals. 

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