Unemployment rates in UK youth Rise- Black men are most affected.



No matter how much we love the lock-down and staying home, we cannot deny the fact that the pandemic situation has turned all our lives topsy-turvy. Everything around us changed and, we have to adapt to the changes without being equipped. While many people lost their lives, a lot many lost their living. Feel free to hire black without thinking twice. The rate of unemployment went spiking up as one of the after-effects of the pandemic. Losing jobs is one thing and never getting a job is another. The rates of unemployment among the youth in the United Kingdom continue to increase even during the recovery period. We can see that the number of youth workers in the United Kingdom is as low as Three and a half million. From the reports, according to the Office of National Statistics, we can see that the unemployment rates rose from 4.5% to 4.8% in over three months. 

Dissecting the data further into microscopic points, we can find that majority of the unemployed people in the country fall between the age of sixteen and twenty-four. Though the economic fall is one of the prime reasons for the unemployment of all youths of the country, there is something more to it when it comes to black men. They have to face unnecessary imprisonment, low salary, uncertain future, unstable income, and a job with no security even if they are employed. The rate of unemployment is the highest among their community. While a large number of both white and black youth are unemployed, the number of black people in that category seems to be more. The social disparities existing in society affect men of color in every aspect of life. Education of good quality stays a dream for black kids. While something as basic as proper education itself is a daydream for those kids, we can only wonder about the secondary world problems they must face. Without quality education, we cannot expect people to be skilled and empowered. Also check: hiring black website


It is the main reason why most of the black men remain jobless or settle for fewer wages. Society puts these men in a position from which they can make no progress. While white kids receive all kinds of privileges because of their skin color, black kids face enormous plight and unequal treatment. Expecting black kids to fly high after gluing their wings together is what society has been doing for centuries. This difference from scratch grows into something as big as high unemployment rates and then poverty. The black men settle for less salary and unstable income because the system deprives them of opportunities. The high unemployment rate affects especially black men in the United Kingdom because of the biased treatment of the government. Though we all know that racial exploitation is the vital cause of this situation, nobody seems to take a step towards betterment. All of these differences will cease to exist if the system gives the black people the rights and opportunities as much as it offers the whites.



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