Vivo V15 Pro a Perfect Smartphone to Purchase


Vivo V15 Pro is a new innovative smartphone of the new generation, it has several features, this smartphone looks classy and stylish, the color of this smartphone is topaz blue which gives your personality a new look. Being a user, we all want our smartphones to be secure for a long time, due to high manufacturing integrity, the hardware system of Vivo v15 pro is very smartly structured, Unbreakable and long-lasting which increases the lifetime of this smartphone.

Features of Vivo V15 Pro:

Display: 6.39-inch(1080×2340)

The hardware system of this phone is tough. So, Due to such a large and strong display, you can play games and watch your favorite TV shows and movies anywhere any time without fear of damage which always gives you a great experience of watching.

Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon (675)

The processor is fast, intelligent, and has incredible graphics. The performance is very instant, due to which you can use this smartphone as much as you want. Vivo 15pro has a Snapdragon processor which is robust and rapid.

Camera: Front Camera(32MP), Rear Camera(48MP+8MP+5MP)

The feature of the camera is a very incredible design that gives you a superb picture quality, it can capture perfect pictures of fair things and the front camera makes your selfie clear and pretty.


It has 128GB internal storage associated with 6GB and 8GB of RAM. You can store high energy applications with up to 65 applications, and you can be able to use more than 10 applications at one time, thousands of important files, and documents you are able to stock.

Battery Capacity (3700mAH):

If you bought Vivo v15 pro then it will save your time, you can quickly charge your smartphone, then you are able to use your smartphone 24 hours continuously. The feature of this method is very effective for your emergency.

Operating system (Android 9.0 Pie):

9.0 is a gigantic software update, It is simpler to use, It comes with beneficial characteristics, It gives lots of important minor modifications and displays of notifications. It proposes extra customization and it gives you a very secure and private system. It comes with a new time saver feature with help manage your schedule of the day, this android version able to suggest which application is more useful for your future. It is able to expand up to 30% battery action with the help of CPU mode.

The new feature of the dashboard is the most intriguing. It will guide you on how to use some complicated features and show you how often you are switching your phone on. It will be able to show you how much time you spent on which app. This way you can put a good amount of time on your smartphone. The next important feature is, you are able to set your smartphone on emergency mode, this feature is able to send an alert to your emergency phone number like your friend or family member that you set on emergency mode. Vivo v15 pro is a smartphone that can prove to be very effective in your everyday life.


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