What are the benefits of using online 3D floor plan design software?


The best floor plan creator helps to reduce ambiguity and errors, allowing comments from all stakeholders, whether employees, customers or business partners. More looks to help ensure that you meet all requirements, creating the flow from one room to another and with a good overall design. Several team members can also work on diagrams at the same time. Using a master file allows you to work as a team to easily create, share and bring your ideas to life.

What are the benefits?

Some of the benefits of using Foyr Neo floor plan software include –

  • Easy collaboration with others using co-authoring, comments and notes,
  • Ability to co-edit diagrams with your team to maintain a single version of the truth and minimize version conflicts,
  • Notifications about who is working on which part of the layout and any changes made,
  • A choice about when to merge changes into the master file,
  • Intuitive features like drag and drop, align and position, and automatically connect to create diagrams more efficiently,
  • The ability to give your drawings a professional and attractive look, with pre-created themes and effects,
  • Simplify teamwork in advanced design with enhanced integration in Foyr Neo,
  • Easy version control and access to layouts from virtually anywhere in a browser or application,
  • The ability to conveniently share your work as a secure web-based link, attachment, image or PDF and respond to online comments,
  • Securely store and share your creations, choosing software with free, always up-to-date, web-based cloud storage,
  • Always up to date desktop application,
  • Create professional diagrams with a wide range of ready-made templates and thousands of shapes,
  • The ability to get started quickly,
  • Bring diagrams to life with overlapping data, icons, colors and graphs to make information easier to understand,
  • Integrate data-linked diagrams into a dashboard to gain more business insights,
  • Communicate the latest version and access diagrams from virtually anywhere in a browser or device app.

Floor plan software is a must have

Whether you are using software to improve collaboration in the office, sell more homes or increase productivity, these features ensure that everyone stays in sync. The benefits can help eliminate errors, lack of communication and expensive rework, not to mention excessive emails and phone calls. It is a small investment that offers many advantages.

Besides the real estate, manufacturing and construction sectors, floor plan software also simplifies the lives of event managers, wedding planners, HVAC/electrical contractors, interior designers and even DIY enthusiasts.

Collaborate better 

Perhaps the most important feature of floor plan software is the ability to share them easily, in the cloud, via a secure link, attachment, image or PDF on the Web. A recent study revealed that one of the main causes of project failures is lack of communication. In construction, it is important that owners and contractors work with the same versions of reality. The use of paper floor plans can lead to flaws in document traces and confusion about how the project is progressing, order changes and claims handling.


By choosing floor plan software, you will create clear, easy-to-read, shareable and easily modifiable floor plans. Take advantage of updated models that contain thousands of shapes for walls, doors, electrical outlets and more. Choose a custom or predefined architectural, metric, or engineering scale. Quickly drag shapes such as walls, doors, windows, wall switches, sockets and other wall accessories onto the design page. Add furniture, equipment and accessories. When there is better collaboration on a project, you will reduce wasted time and the possibility of errors. Online collaboration also provides better teamwork, productivity, functionality, flow and visual appeal, all essential to the success of a project.


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