What is MongoDB And How To Use It With Its Components?


In the past, we used to store our data in paper files. After a long time, we start to use the computers and in the computer we any software to store the data properly, But at last, the data will be lost or not managed properly. And because of this, we have faced many issues. After that we use SQL, this is the software that we used to store our data in the form of tables and rows, so the data is managed in well manner, but also there are many hectic with it. But now, much other software is come into the market to store the data and manage the database with ease. The one software is MongoDB, which we now use at the place of SQL or we can say that there is no more need to use the SQL for managing the database. One can use the MongoDB server for storing and managing their database.

If you are tired to use SQL and need some updates then you can also use the MongoDB server. You can about it and know in detail. When you search about MongoDB, you see that many of the companies provide the service of the MongoDB server to use it. From those companies, you can choose the HostingRaja company. This is the company that has a popularity for providing the services of MongoDB. In this article, we are going to know about the MongoDB server and its use.

What is MongoDB?

MongoDB is the server that manages the database in the form of documents and collections. So, now there is no need to use the tables and rows for storing and managing the database. In MongoDB, documents and collections play a vital role.  Documents contain the key-value pairs, which are the basic unit of the data in MongoDB. And the collections contain the documents and functions which are equal to the relational database tables. In this way, MongoDB is better and easy to use than the SQL database.

Key components for using the MongoDB architecture

For using the MongoDB, we have to use some key components. These key components are important to make the flexible structure of the MongoDB and use them in the database. These are described below:

  1. _id: The _id is the field that represents the unique value in the MongoDB document. It plays the role of the primary key in the document. Or by chance, if you don’t create the _id field then MongoDB automatically creates it.
  1. Collection: Collection is the group of documents. A collection is equal to the table which is created in other RDBMS. And a collection exists in a single database.
  1. Cursor: This is the pointer to set the result of the query. For getting better results, a customer can take the help of the cursor.
  1. Database: This is the container for storing the collections. Each database gets itself a set of files on the file system. And a MongoDB server can save multiple databases.
  1. Documents: A record in the MongoDB collection is called a document. The document contains the field name and values as data.
  1. Field: The field is the name-value pair in the document. A document can have zero or multiple fields. Fields are described in the columns in the relational database.
  1. JSON: The full form of the JSON is JavaScript Object Notation. This is a language that can be easily read by the human, and a plain text format for expressing the structure data. The main thing about this, that is supports many programming languages in the current.

All these are the main key components of the MongoDB. Those are important to use in the database. Or we can say that without any of the components the database cannot be prepared. And the architecture of MongoDB is much easier and flexible than another database server. And it provides comfort for using the data and also make changes in it. If you are willing to use this database server for your database, you must make the right choice about it.

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