What Rights should the Injured Party Consider when Hiring an Attorney 

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Following a car accident with injuries, hiring a highly killed personal injury attorney has been of utmost importance. An injured victim would count on his or her attorney to protect essential legal rights and to follow the best possible legal remedy. However, injured car accident clients should know what rights they should have where their own attorney is concerned. 

Let us delve into a few rights of a jersey city personal injury attorney

  • The right not to be charged an excessive fee and costs 

An attorney might not charge an excessive contingency fee percentage of the verdict or settlement amount. While the rule lists percentage has been presumed to be fair, a lower percentage might be agreed to between an injury client and an attorney. The rule would apply to reasonable costs. You may have come to see some attorneys play very loose with this rule and charge excessive flat costs for things such as file storage. Consider scrutinizing the closing statement for soft costs, demand receipts, and other proof. The attorney would recover actual expenses in the form of advanced costs. 

  • The right to know about the experience of the lawyer 

The rule of thumb is before hiring an attorney, the client has the right to know about the education, experience, and training of the attorney. In case you ask, the attorney should tell you specifically about the actual experience of the attorney dealing with cases similar to yours. The attorney should provide information about information about special knowledge or training and provide you the information in writing if you request it. 

Simply because an attorney has several billboards does not imply that he or she has been a skilled attorney. How many times has that attorney been to court? How many cases has the attorney litigated? What was the outcome of those cases? The attorney should share this information with the client. 

  • The right to be informed and ask questions 

As per the rules, the client should have the right to be informed about the progress of the case. He should also have the right to ask questions to the attorney about the claim. It has been one of the most important duties of the attorney towards the client. He should perform the duty along with aggressively handling the case ethnically within the powers for achieving the best results. The clients should be informed about the progress of the case at all times. 

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