What Should I Do To Someone Who Has Anxiety?


What should I do to him/her who has anxiety? The question which we usually hear when our friends have a problem in his/her life. There are many answers. We could listen to them while talking. The most effective way is to be at their side whenever they need us because the effect can be severe, especially if they have other mental health issues like Bipolar.

How do we know if he/she were in the middle of struggling with their life? Someone or somebody who is in the middle of struggling is different than before. As long as you care enough about them, you could differentiate their habit, way of speech, physical condition, their behavior, or maybe when they are meeting with someone. You can help them control their anxiety by getting them plants. The indoor plants provide a soothing and calming environment. Moreover, the plant will indulge the person to care for it and distract them from the overthinking or their problems. So get this calming gift from plant delivery singapore to rescue your friend from struggling.

But just by listening to them won’t change anything? Who knows? Maybe we could help him/her by giving a shoulder to lean at, or perhaps we could provide them with an option on how to solve the problems in their life because no human can live alone, we all need someone or somebody on our side, whether it is family, friends, or lovers.

There are some methods that you could try to help them to be at ease, like encouraging them, listening to them without judging them, asking them to go out and to have fun together, be by their side whenever they need us. In some cases, some people think to hurt themselves to ease the mind. In this case, you need to stop them because no problems can be solved with death. It will just add another problem. Be patient with them as they may give you a rejection if they think you couldn’t help them much. But, the important factor is how much you could take the impact of rejection while you were by their side.

Another method is to bring them to meet a doctor who specializes in mental health disorders. Make a consultation with the doctor, ask them to do therapy for their better mind. If it’s your lover, then you may or may not be with them when they do the consultation. If they are your family, you could also listen to their conversation with the therapist.

There are other methods which you may do to someone who has anxiety. It is to distract their mind with something, such as writing a diary, gardening, cooking, hiking, or going somewhere relaxing.

To tell them to write a diary is one of the best distractions as they could find the answer to their problem within the time they wrote them in a book, and they may think that the problem is apparently not that big. Also, tell them to get enough sleep and eat properly.

Gardening is also one of the options as it could take much of your thoughts to learn and understand so many kinds of flowers. You could ask people from FlowerAdvisor to give you a bit of advice on which flower suits you the most and transport them to your home. They are a specialist in gifting as they can deliver beautiful flowers to anyone’s home. This gift delivery Singapore service is handy if you don’t have time to go to the shopping center and look for the plant you want to give your friend who has anxiety.

Avoid flowers like Buttercups, Yellow Carnation, Orange Lilies, Petunia, Black Roses, and Geranium. Why Black Roses? Because the black color is representing death and mourning. Even though Roses are sweet, but not all roses are good, same as Yellow Carnation, which stands for disdain and rejection, Buttercups for their unfaithfulness, Orange Lilies symbolize hatred, Petunia personifies deep resentment and anger.

Always remember what to say to people who have anxiety as their feelings can get intense whenever you say something that may disturb their mind and makes them remember the pain again. Say that you will be there for them whenever they need them as it may help put their mind at ease and do not force them to speak about their problems. Ask them about what they want to do. It is not like you want to pry into their life that bad. It is just to show them that you could help them whenever they need you. Be mindful not to ask them if they are alright because the answer is absolutely no. Instead, let them tell their story to you when they feel like it.

There are differences in anxiety, such as General Anxiety Disorder, Panic Disorder, Social Anxiety Disorder. They are all different from each other, even though it is all about a disorder or mental problems. Still, the way to cure them is almost somewhat the same. For General Anxiety Disorder, you may notice the difference and habit from the way they speech, physical condition, and start to taking care of themselves hastily. For Panic Disorder, you need to be aware of their fear and feeling uncomfortable when they see or meet with someone. And for Social Anxiety Disorder, you need to pay attention to their significant change of expression whenever they are in some special situation, such as rejecting when about to meet with more of his/their friends, or they became careful too much about something.

And always be wary of the anxiety symptoms, as they may be gone and resurfacing back someday. That means they haven’t moved on from their problems. So you need to keep an eye on them. Not all the time, but much more like gradually and casually text them, call them, give them any attention, so that they can feel rest assured, as it takes time to heal because it may cause traumatize in life. Don’t worry. With enough care and protection from people around them, their anxiety is under control.

Stop giving them pressure, start caring for each other, and you’ll be fine.


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