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There are many perks of living in a community managed by a homeowners’ association (HOA). No wonder, the demand for HOA properties in Phoenix and rest of Arizona is on the rise. If you are buying such a property, it is wise to enquire about the homeowners’ association and how it is managed. Communities that are managed by top Phoenix HOA management companies are likely to offer a better experience. What do these companies actually do for the HOAs? Here’s an overview!

  1. Financial management. One of the biggest tasks and challenges for the HOA management is management of finances. From bookkeeping and accounting, to collection of fees and payment of duties, every aspect that concerns finances and budgets can be managed by the agency. 
  2. Help with property maintenance. Almost all HOA management companies specialize in premise maintenance and upkeep. They are in charge of ensuring that all amenities and facilities are available to residents, and there is no compromise on upkeep and cleanliness of common areas. 
  3. Guide with contacts. Property maintenance and all other HOA management tasks gets easier with the right contacts. These agencies work with local contractors and vendors all the time and have numerous HOAs on their clientele. They can get the work done sooner and without paying a fortune. 
  4. Advise the association. While residents are in complete control of decision making for the association, HOA management companies can offer insight and advice that can help. The agency will help the HOA determine the challenges and consider long & short-term goals before taking a decision. 
  5. Keeping up with governing documents. For many HOAs, it’s stressful to enforce rules and regulations Residents often don’t take notices seriously, especially when other residents are taking the decisions. With a professional HOA management company for the job, it is easier to enforce governing documents and rules.  
  6. Handling day-to-day administrative tasks. HOAs are expected to function like any other organization, and administrative tasks and affairs can be hard to handle. With an agency at the job, all administrative concerns and issues can be handled efficiently, without involving the HOA directors each time. 
  7. Customer service. The HOA management company is expected to offer responsive customer care services for residents. The agency is often in charge of handling complaints and requests directly from those living in the community. 

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