Why Seek Medical Attention First Before You File a Personal Injury Claim


If you have injuries after being in a car accident, you must seek a medical expert right away, so you can get a medical evaluation and treatment. Also, seeking immediate medical attention will help verify your injury, which is necessary for a valid claim. 

Filing a car accident claim without injury confirmation from a physician may result in your claim not moving forward. Also, the treatment timing is important. Waiting to seek medical assistance can make it harder for your injury attorneys Huntington Beach to establish a link between your accident and injury. 

Why Your Medical Records are Necessary?

If you are looking to file an injury claim against the insurance company of the at-fault party, you must see a medical expert first. The expert can properly document your medical examination, so your attorney and the insurer can evaluate the seriousness of your damages. Your attorney may need medical records such as medical bills, prescription cost receipts, surgery documentation, proof of doctor visits, proof of therapy visits, and others. 

Why You Should Follow Your Treatment Plan

Following the medical treatment plan your doctor recommends is necessary for your healing and claim. Failure to do so can result in the insurance provider devaluing or denying your claim. In fact, they will always find reasons they can use to avoid paying for an injured victim’s damages. These companies may argue that you don’t have a significant injury that necessitates compensation from them. 

Therefore, you need to continue your treatment and attend scheduled appointments. This way, you don’t give the insurance company any reason to devalue or deny your injury claim. Evidence of you undergoing a treatment plan can help support your claim. Make sure you get copies of this evidence.

Things to Keep in Mind 

If your injury is serious, you should see a doctor immediately. Even if you think your injury is just minor, you still have to schedule an appointment with your doctor, so you can get a medical examination. After you have been medically evaluated, you should be careful when communicating with the insurance company or sharing status updates online. To avoid putting your claim in trouble, just keep communications regarding your condition and accident with your attorney. In addition, it is a good idea to have a medical journal to document your treatment and recovery. Write down any prescriptions, improvements, and setbacks. Your medical journal may be used for supporting your claim. 

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